Whiskey Stone

Product Description
  • Includes: Set of nine stones
  • Care: Hand wash in water
  • Material: All-natural Vermont soapstone
  • All-natural Vermont soapstone whisky stones are a must-have for lovers of fine whiskies and bourbons
  • Milled from a very select type of soapstone located only in Vermont
  • Handcrafted in some of the oldest soapstone workshops in the USA
  • Scandinavians have used granite rocks for this same purpose for hundreds of years
  • But soapstone has superior thermal properties
  • Being mostly composed of talc, won’t scratch your glass
  • Perfect for aficionados who enjoy their beverages with a slight chill, but don’t want to water down the perfect balance of flavors in their chosen spirit
  • Nonporous, so will not impart any flavors or odors to your drink
  • Perfect cube shape of the stones also forms a solid surface area that allows for a better and more even chilling
  • To use, simply store them in your freezer and when needed let the stones stand for five minutes before dropping them into your drink
  • After use, hand wash stones in water and put back in freezer
  • Set includes nine stones and a muslin storage bag
  • Made in the USA