Aromatic Beer Glass

Product Description
This glass is designed to highlight any aromatic beer and or high ABV beer, such as Belgians, Barley wine, etc. Obviously reminiscent of the snifter or full bodied red wine glass, it concentrates the volatiles and aromatics of the beer to properly enhance the experience. The main design element is an abstract mountain pushed into the bottom of the glass. As you drink the beverage, the mountain is slowly revealed, emerging from the dark liquid. Dimensions are 4" tall and 4" wide, holding 12 oz (remember, dimensions will vary slightly as each glass is made by hand).

Each glass is packaged in a branded gift box with a description card featuring recommended beer pairings and information about each specific design. So if you are buying this as a gift, it is ready to go!

Hand-washing these glasses is recommended.

A selection of beer types that this glass will highlight, but not limited to:
American Black Ale
Double IPA
Imperial Stout
Belgian Dark Ale
Belgian IPA
Belgian Pale Ale
Biere de Garde
Old Ale
Ale Glass

*** Please note processing time before purchase, which can vary from 2-8 weeks depending on demand. ****